Friday, 14 December 2012

The Cycle Harrogate Map APP

So I got to thinking how most of what we had done so far had been fairly negative. We grumbled at the council a lot basically. How about something to support new and prospective cyclists in Harrogate? Harrogate Borough Council used to distribute cycle maps. They weren't the greatest maps ever but I found a few cycle routes using it. Well it went the way of all things when NYCC took over cycle promotion and there was nothing to replace it. There is now  Harrogate cycling has a web map.

I have been putting my mediocre coding talents to use this week, There is now an interactive cycle harrogate map online and as an android app. I will put an iPhone version out soon for you apple fans too. Its early days yet. I have put most of the existing cycle lanes on and a few of the local bike shops. I want to look at adding location sensing so it will show your position on the map. I have got maybe another week adding in some suggested low traffic routes and then its ready for  launch. If you want your favourite routes or bike shops adding email me. I would be open to putting on areas where there is good mountain biking too but I don't nail the trails any more so I need help from locals. If you want something on let me know.

Anyway before a formal launch I'm really after a few people who are Android smart phone users. To test it out, find bugs and suggests changes or improvements. If you feel inclined download it and have a go. If it falls over let me know. I haven't tried using it on a bike yet just over Wifi at home. Hopefully we can make it useful to new cyclists and people who are visiting Harrogate. If you cycle regularly you probably have most of this map in your head already. If a few more people use this perhaps we would get a few more bums on seats and the quality of peoples journey's in Harrogate would be better.


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