Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Small steps rolling forward

So myself and three others from Harrogate Cycle Action met last month to come up with a list of some small improvements we would like made for cycle users in Harrogate over the next year. We know money is tight but we were hopeful that somethings could be done. We have had a response form NYCC recently here are the edited highlights:

The Beryl Burton Cycleway has had a haircut to the foliage overhanging it prior to it getting some love and maintenance. Thank you army foundation college. Thank you NYCC for making this happen. Anyone been down that way recently? I have been working out of town.

Some of the schemes in our small improvement list will be funded out of what is called the LSTF (local sustainable transport fund) money. We should know details of what and when by March. When I know I will let you know.

There will be some cycle lane provision on Hookstone Road running up from Hornbeam Park Station toward Leeds Road. Thank you NYCC.

There will be works to the road network as a result of the Tour De France coming to town. Cycle Harrogate will be lobbying for some of this money to be infrastructure legacy as well as the"black carpet" of asphalt Cavendish will need to have a chance at a stage win.

On the whole a rather more positive picture than of late. Here is hoping for more good news soon


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